From your letterhead to your business card to your website to every advertisement you run, whether in a magazine, on a t-shirt, or some other innovative medium, your business identity is established each time someone sees your business name or logo.

Branding is a very powerful part of marketing. Graphic design is important because we humans respond to colors & shapes & images as much as the written word.

You know that effective advertising “sells the sizzle, not the steak,” that is, that people buy based on their emotional needs rather than practical information. If this were not the case, we would all be driving the same bland car… but hot cars are fun & make us feel good, so we spend thousands of dollars—worth every penny when we get that special feeling driving down the road.

Every buying decision has an emotional element. As artists we understand this and can tap into it to help you generate more happy customers. When you are able to let your customers know that your product or service really meets their needs, and then some, they will come running to buy.

The sale begins the first time your potential customer hears about your offerings. It is that all important first impression & it often comes from your advertising or website. Don’t miss this opportunity to wow your customers from the start.

We can help you create an identity for your new business, or retool the one you have now, from logos through all advertising & communications materials.

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