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Princeville Ranch Adventures Website
Makanalani Website
Jacaranda Hill Website

You know that your website needs to have impact to grab your visitors right away.
Attention spans on the internet are short.
Visual design is that first impression that makes the visitor pause and go,

…however, a website that is visually appealing is only the first step. Once your viewer has settled in, everything on the website must be clear to them and easy to access. One little mistake on the user interface design and they will go elsewhere.

This is where our expertise comes into play: 20 years experience in graphic design, 30 years experience in user interface design for databases starting when the world wide web was just a twinkle in the developer’s eye. We understand both the look and feel… how your site appears and how your visitors interact with your website. We create compelling and efficient websites that keep your customers coming back for more.

Beyond this is the issue of website maintenance. At Andarta Design, we believe that you should be able to make simple changes to your website, if you wish, without calling (or paying) us. We design all our websites on a state of the art platform that allows content management—in simple terms, when you have a change to make on one of your pages, you can just log in and make it, or if you don’t want to bother it only takes moments for us to make the change for you because the system is simple. (Often we don’t charge for small changes—just ask our clients.)

About Your Website

Your website consists of three parts:

Anything else?

There is one more piece that we recommend in these days of aggressive and clever hackers: a yearly subscription to sucuri.net, which will help protect your site and also make it easier and quicker to restore it should the site get hacked. This is not essential, but we have found it valuable. We are being up front here—all sites, from multinational banks down to Grandma’s Saimin are vulnerable to cyber attacks these days. It is a sad but true fact of being on the web. Sucuri provides burglar bars in addition to the regular deadbolts we always install on every site.

What about website maintenance?

We have seen our competitors charge a monthly maintenance fee for the websites they create. Frankly, this always makes us scratch our heads. Unless you have major changes you want done to the website every month, there is really nothing that requires doing on a monthly basis…

…OK, not completely true… the software, plug-ins etc. that are used on your site have to be kept up to date and regular scans must be run to prevent cyber-outlaws from gaining access, but shucks, we do that for free for all of our clients…

For regular content updates, you can do them yourself or have us add them for a small charge. For major website revisions, we are always here to help.

We know that businesses have websites for one reason—to sell products and services. Contact us today to talk about your project and specific needs.

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